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The Daily Gambit Issue #3246 3rd Oct, 2022

Marvel Comics comes to Amazon Kindle

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Marvel and Amazon have announced that not only are they renewing their deal for digital versions of Marvel Comics to be sold through Comixology but Marvel single issues will now be available to purchase directly on Amazon Kindle. Last year Amazon acquired Comixology in April following the sites success as digital comics store and platform, also digital comics sales as a whole grew to $90million in 2013 which can’t have escaped Amazons notice. David Naggar Vice President of Amazon Kindle had this to say about the deal:

Amazon, comiXology and Marvel share a passion for expanding the audience for comic books and graphic novels worldwide. With the ever-increasing number of devices in consumers’ hands and the growing popularity of Marvel’s extensive catalogue of familiar Super Heroes we see this as the perfect time to create a whole new generation of comic book readers.

While things remain unchanged for Comixology which will still have the options to purchase and read comics either on their site or through apps available on Apple, Android and fire devices, now users will be able to purchase digital single issue Marvel comics through the Amazon Kindle store and read them on their kindle device. With this new deal and the Marvel Unlimited subscription service it seems like it has never been easier to read Marvel comics, something that other comic book publisher must be taking notice of when considering their own plans.




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