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The Daily Gambit Issue #2042 17th Jun, 2019

Zack Snyder talks about Dawn of Justice

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In an interview with USA Today Zack Snyder discusses what its like working with Henry Cavill on the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and why Ben Affleck’s Batman doesn’t need an introductory feature film.

On working with Cavill, Zack explains that Henry is becoming more comfortable with his role:

We’ve both created this guy and we can push him around a little bit.

The more time I spend with Henry, the more he’s Superman to me.

On Ben Affleck’s role of Batman, Zack stresses that it made sense to introduce Bruce Wayne into Dawn of Justice though because of Christopher Nolan’s recent adaptation of The Dark Knight he was in no rush to do it either.

I was in no rush to put Batman in the movie

but on the other hand it seemed organic the way our story was unfolding to start to feather him in.

Snyder felt there was no need to have a Batman stand alone movie to introduce Affleck’s take on the role as Batman’s 75-year mythology is so deep in culture now that they can just jump to an older, road-weary take on the Dark Knight.  Plus:

it’s cooler to see a crusty old Batman beating the snot out of guys.

The 300 director can’t say exactly how the relationship between the two superheroes evolves, but regarding the movie title he explains:

but suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names

He explains that having the “v” instead of “vs.” is a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.”

See below for the first look of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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